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Shenzhen Mansli Security Equipment Co.,Ltd is for financial securities, the defense industry, petrochemical, nuclear power, gold jewelry, museums and other industries to provide professional security equipment manufacturer; We always adhere to scientific and technological development as a pilot in the ISO9000 quality management system under the coverage, combined two decades of professional experience to enhance the value of all industry safety and provide product solutions.

Our main products are: M-level vault doors, A-level vault doors, B grade vault doors, C-level vault doors, vault doors in the door, waterproof vault doors, safe deposit box, a combination of treasury, micro vault, security doors, silver hall protective door , ATM protection cabins, interlocking linkage bulletproof entrance channel, anti trailing linkage interlocking security doors, secret doors, bulletproof doors, the doors, anti-knock windows, soundproof doors, airtight doors, weapons warehouse closed doors, waterproof doors, waterproof gate , file-intensive cabinets, cabinets and other gun control more than 20 kinds of products have been used electronic products inspection center certification through the national Ministry of Public Security Police.

Companies adhering to the "honest and trustworthy, professional innovation, excellence, striving for excellence" business philosophy, to establish a professional and efficient research, production and after-sales service team, give full play to the advantages of combining CE (European safety standards + EMC standards) and UL (U.S. safety standards) international standards and advanced technology continues to develop new products and improve the new technology, product features and safety performance indicators is always at the leading edge.

Security Equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Li things always put the customer's trust interpreted as a strong "social responsibility", always put "quality first, service first" service concept in the first place, to provide users with a full range of permanent uninterrupted after sales service
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