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Business philosophy:
Always adhering to the "honest and trustworthy, professional innovation, excellence, striving for excellence" business philosophy, adhere to everything Ericsson oriented and abide by the quality of customer commitment to comply with state laws and regulations and relevant national industry standards, establish a good corporate reputation and social image; professional innovative ideas, combined with international industry standards, focus on customer needs, innovative product technology; realize the whole process of product quality control at ISO9000 quality control system, the production of quality products and provide satisfactory service to provide customers with safe and reasonable product solutions.

Talent Concept:
1, stand as the staff for everything valuable asset, training and upgrading the quality of staff, as the company's long-term strategic goals of development.
2, we focus on protecting employees' health and to safeguard the interests of employees, actively promote the diversification of talent development strategy.
3, we create fairness for personal development opportunities for employees to accept new information, learn new knowledge, new skills to provide good conditions and facilities.
4, the company insists 4P (Pay for Position, Pay for Person, Pay for Performance, Pay for Price) compensation philosophy to attract, motivate and retain talented people, taking into account the industry competitiveness and internal equity; comprehensive welfare system, the full staff caring staff to achieve value maximization.

Research and development:
Everything legislature security equipment company has always adhered to: innovative, efficient and safe design concept for the enterprise; customer demand-driven development process, focused on enhancing customer value technology, products, innovative solutions to solve ongoing.
Companies in R & D to establish an integrated product development process to enhance the understanding of customer needs from all levels, to help customers successfully laid a solid foundation.
The company's product and technology development adhere to the international road, referring to international standards, including: CE (European safety standards + EMC standard), UL (U.S. safety standards), FCC (USA EMC standard).

Adhere to the "dedication, continuous innovation, make every effort to customer service," the quality policy, quality of products and services in China's aerospace industry, financial securities, petrochemical and other industries, in order to protect human life and property safety of every effort to provide robust, safe, economical and reasonable solutions.

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